Once upon a time
I swore I had a heart
Long before the world I know
Tore it all apart
Once upon a time
There was apart of me I shared
Years before they took away
The part of me that cared

I’ve been a thousand places
and shook a million hands
I don’t know where I’m going
But I know just where I’ve been
I’ve flown a million miles
And I rode so many more
Everyday a castaway
A vagabond battle born

A battle born

Once upon a time
I had an open point of view
But that was just so long ago
Before I had a clue
Was there such a time
Where I didn’t stand alone
Was there ever a time
And how would I of known


(Attention all passengers,
Flight 555 now departing from Las Vegas to London.
Please have your passports and boarding passes ready.)

[Chorus x2]

A battle born [x2]

Everyday a castaway
A vagabond battle born

Battle born

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